Pest Control and Lawn Care Sandy, Utah

Sandy’s Pest Control and Lawn Care Experts


Shopping, dining and sports might be the Sandy trifecta, and nothing caps off a day of adventure better than relaxing at home—unless your home is being overtaken by pests, or you drive up to a dried out, ill-kept yard. Pest control is a big challenge for many in Sandy, and it usually has nothing to do with how good your housekeeping skills are.


Sometimes pests just happen, whether they’re drawn in by the warm, welcoming vibe of your home or can’t resist those tempting meals you whip up. From rodents to insects and everything in between, you want them gone safely and quickly. Battling bugs yourself can be hazardous, especially if you depend on chemicals.


Let All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care take care of pest control for you. We’ve been serving our Sandy neighbors for years and have seen some serious infestations. Sadly, you might not even know how big the problem is. Roaches are pros when it comes to hiding, while termites often leave behind only the subtlest of clues (until your furniture starts falling apart). There are ways to safely remove these pests, but it requires skill and the right tools.


Lawn Care Sandy, Utah


Maybe you fell in love with that lush backyard garden when you moved in, or maybe it was the rose trellis along the front walk. On the other hand, maybe the attraction was tiny size of the yard —you’ve come to terms with having a black thumb. No matter how big or small the area, lawn care can be backbreaking work that nobody has time for. Good intentions are nice, but when it comes to gardening, you can’t put it on the shelf.


At All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care we specialize in beautifying and keeping your entire property clean. This means a pest-free home as well as a pest-controlled and gorgeous yard. We’ll encourage the “good bugs” to stay in the garden, rid you (and your blossoms) of the bad ones and take care of the trimming, mowing and edging so all you have to do is sit on the patio and enjoy the view.


Pest Control Sandy, Utah


There are some things you never see coming when you buy a home, whether it’s your gutter’s penchant for attracting wasps and their nests, or a green yard that has a knack for turning brown. Don’t settle. All Green keeps your entire property green in more ways than one. We’ll make your yard as green as an emerald, and remove pests from your home in a “green” manner so that you and your family are protected. This is your home, your castle, and you’re in control of who stays and just how stunning that curb appeal is.