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Pleasant Grove’s Pest Control and Lawn Care Experts


Things aren’t so “pleasant” in Pleasant Grove when you’re losing a war against insects, rodents and other pests who have moved in without your permission. Pest control can be back- and bank-breaking work, not to mention the harmful chemicals you may expose your loved ones to in the process. Whether this is an ongoing issue and you’ve had enough or you’ve just spotted what might be your first termite pile beneath wooden furniture, today is the perfect time to take action. All Green is your go-to source in Pleasant Grove for safe and permanent pest control.


There’s no rodent we haven’t overcome or bug infestation that’s bested us. With the best tools, terminators and products available, we make it easy to reclaim your home. Stop avoiding dinner parties or restricting your kid’s play dates because you’re embarrassed a pest might be spotted by guests. There are many reasons why pests might choose your home to overtake. Maybe it’s that killer cooking, bad luck of the draw or because your outdoor garden was so inviting to begin with. No matter what the reason is, it’s time to give them the boot.

Lawn Care Pleasant Grove, Utah


Curb appeal isn’t just something for realtors to be concerned about. It’s the first thing you and your guests see when pulling up in the driveway. It’s the vista you take in while sitting on the porch or enjoying a summer barbeque. It’s the image in that picture window. But what if it’s not all it could be? A brown lawn, insect-spotted leaves and shrubs gone wild can all reduce the value of your home and have you avoiding outdoor activities.


Lawn care can be a very challenging project and few people have the time or skills for it. Pleasant Grove is also known as the City of Trees, so there’s a good chance you have your fair share. All Green offers complete lawn care from your cherry blossoms to the weed issues plaguing the yard. Has it been a while since you stopped and smelled your roses—perhaps because you didn’t want to wade through dandelions to do it? Your yard is your home’s first impression, so make it count.


Pest Control Pleasant Grove, Utah


Both indoors and out, your home is a reflection of you. It should be pest-free, beautiful and make you feel instantly relaxed. If that’s not the case, what’s the point? All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care can restore your home to the haven it’s meant to be. All it takes are the right professionals and you’ll probably be more inclined to homebody status.