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Pest Control and Lawn Care Orem, Utah

Orem’s Pest Control and Lawn Care Experts


Rated by Forbes as one of the Top 5 Places to Raise a Family in the entire country, it’s no wonder that Orem is a haven for families—a place where “home, sweet home” really means something. However, if you don’t have pest control taken care of, that suburban paradise can quickly turn into a nightmare. The warmer months tend to be when all kinds of intruders start treating your abode like a free hotel. Ants, termites, rodents and more aren’t just an annoyance, but can also cause serious damage. Nobody in Orem deserves to “just deal with it” when solutions are available.


Pest Control Orem, Utah


Pest Control Orem Utah

Pest Control Orem Utah

All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care is Orem’s locally owned business specializing in pest control and lawn care. You should feel comfortable and relaxed both inside and outside your home. While indoors, there’s no reason to struggle with an infestation or wonder if your dinner guests will notice the cobwebs that you just can’t keep up with. And those termite droppings beneath your wooden furniture? That’s a dead giveaway that pests have overtaken the property. Rid them for good with a guaranteed, fast and safe removal from your local experts.


Lawn Care Orem, Utah


According to interior designers, the overarching trend in design is to head outdoors (and bring the outdoors in). In other words, your dreams of an outdoor patio area complete with a pizza oven might come true right in time. However, that can be ruined when the “view” is nothing but dry, dead grass or overgrown shrubs. Maybe you’ve been stuck with a black thumb or realized too late that you don’t have enough time for gardening. Don’t worry— All Green can take care of that landscaping for you.


Lawn Care Orem Utah

Lawn Care Orem Utah

In addition to achieving a gorgeous lawn, landscaping is also paramount to keep your family and property safe. For example, did you know those wet Orem springs can lead to severe water damage? Proper grading away from the foundation of a home is required, especially for homes with basements. One heavy rainfall or some quickly melting snow might be all it takes to come home to a flooded home.


From lawn care to pest control, we’re committed to keeping our Orem neighbors sitting pretty year-round. Stop settling for a sad looking yard or a home that’s being overrun by pests, insects and bugs. You and your family deserve much better—but where do you start? Leave that to the professionals at All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care who have seen it all, done it all and know exactly what your home needs to become the cozy haven it should be. Everyone runs into a little trouble sometimes, whether it’s a bug battle or a weed attack, but it’s easier and more affordable than you think to get back on track.