Pest Control and Lawn Care Lehi, Utah

Lehi’s Pest Control and Lawn Care Experts


A gorgeous Lehi, Utah home is clean and beautiful from the curb all the way to the heart of the home. However, a lot can go wrong in this stretch, from grass that just won’t stay green to a roach infestation that you never saw coming. It’s true what they say—if you see one, there are hundreds or even thousands more.


Even worse, trying to tackle a pest control problem on your own can expose you and your loved ones to harsh, dangerous chemicals. The costs can also skyrocket if you try to battle pests yourself, especially when you start investing in more and more “tricks” that don’t really work. What you need are the professional services of All Green to get your home back under your control safely.


As Lehi residents ourselves, we know just how challenging (and admittedly sometimes embarrassing) it can be to realize your home has become a roach motel. Whether it’s termites, a wasp nest, ants or rodents, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Sometimes it’s just the (bad) luck of the draw, or maybe you have such a luscious garden that the pests couldn’t resist it—and decided to move in to enjoy it on a daily basis. Maybe your top notch cooking was irresistible. No matter what the allure, it’s time to put a safe and permanent stop to pests.


Lawn Care Lehi, Utah


On the other hand, maybe it’s outside the hearth that has you troubled. Everyone wants a beautiful lawn (pink flamingos optional). However, landscaping is a serious skill and talent—and not everyone has time for it. For all your good intentions, maybe you just don’t have the time for all that edging, mowing, watering, trimming and deadheading. That’s perfectly understandable. However, it’s no reason to settle for a yard that neighbors label “the ugly one”. Let All Green be your green thumb on demand.


Whether it’s routine maintenance or you’re combating some particularly stubborn weeds, a gorgeous garden and lawn takes a lot of work and the right tools. Luckily for you, All Green has both of these in (gardening) spades. As expert landscapers, we know how to get and keep your lawn looking just how you like it, from green and lush to a more ornamental rock gardening look. It’s still your yard, but you no longer have to baby it. We’ll take care of the coddling.


Pest Control Lehi, Utah


Ready to make your Lehi home the best on the block? It starts with lawn care and a safe, pest-free home. Both are just a phone call away and will ensure your home is the place to be for R&R, movie nights and every family holiday to come.