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Got Bugs? Got Weeds? If you are looking for pest control for your home or lawn-treatments to green the grass and control unwanted weeds / turf insects, we are here for you.

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Cedar Hills's Lawn Fertilization Service & Weed Control Program

Got Weeds? All Green’s fertilizer services and formulations are designed to kill weeds and turf insects, like grubs and sod webworms, while leaving the grass healthy and strong.  Our fertilizer programs are custom made for Cedar Hills lawns. 

Having the right equipment matters. More importantly knowing what to put down at the right time matters most.  We have been servicing Cedar Hills lawns for over 14 years and are familiar with how to control the type of weeds, bugs and crabgrass that will emerge throughout the season. Our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Our Lawn Fertilization Services Include:

Pest Control Treatments for Cedar Hills Homes

Got Bugs? Those creepy crawly insects should be kept outside and away from the perimeter of the home! Ants, spiders, wasps and other creepy crawlers can ruin a party or a nice day.

Keeping your family and animals safe is our top priority. Our technicians are licensed professionals and use green based solutions to keep your loved ones safe.

We’ve learned the best way to control bugs in Cedar Hills is to treat the outside of the home and yard landscape areas. Pests are eliminated before they enter your home with our effective exterior pest control services. If you’re new to our program and a few unwanted guests have already made your home there home our interior services are free of charge upon request.

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Our Pest Control Services Include

Satisfied Client Testimonial

My husband and I moved into a home that had been sitting a while. Our yard looked like horrible and we had crickets, spiders, and boxelder bugs everywhere inside and outside of our new used home lol. One of the All Green guys knocked at our door and sold us a fertilizer and pest package. I was a bit hesitant about signing up with someone I didn’t know, but turned out great. THX AGAIN!!!
Heather From Provo
Received a flyer at my door. I contacted their office and asked them a ton of question before signing up. they were very professional and patient. I had spiders everywhere I’ve had 2 services so far and i’m completely happy.
James From Draper
We tried a few different companies before settling down with My All Green. Their technicians were polite and professional. Most importantly they took care of my ant problem.
Sara From Highland

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