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What does your pest control service include?

Each service consists of:


  • 3 X 3 Foot Barrier spray around your foundation that stops pests before they can get into your home
  • Windows, doorways, and entryways treatment which seals off the most accessible parts of your home to pests
  • Indoor crack and crevice treatment* which roots out nests and colonies that have already breached your home
  • De-Webber service* on the eaves of your home that removes spiders and helps keep them off
  • Spot treatment on your lawn* to neutralize any ant mounds or other pest infractions
  • Fence line treatment* to create a barrier around your property
  • Wasp/Hornet removal* to keep your children and pets safe from the sting of flying insects
  • 10 foot perimeter control granulation* to widen and reinforce the barrier between pests and your home

*Most companies charge extra for these services or don’t offer them at all, we are proud to include them.


All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care is the best choice for your family’s lawn care and pest control needs. We specialize in types of spiders in Utah, and other pests you want to keep out such as ants, crickets, roaches, box elder bugs, and many more.


Why should I have a pest control service?


Pests are constantly trying to get into your home. Pests will find their way into your home any way they can, looking for food, water, and shelter. They keep out of sight, preferring dark areas such as the inside of walls.

When you see one or two, its usually a sign of a larger population somewhere in or around your home.

Spiders are the best indicator of other resident pests; as they are only found in places where they have a food source, meaning other bugs.


What makes All Green Pest Control different from other companies?


At All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care, we believe in 3 things:


We provide the best service possible for the best price, and our invitation to you is to read our customer testimonials and find out.


When we come to your home, we first do the initial service, which gets rid of most of the adult pests and puts a protective barrier around your home to prevent future encroachment.


Also, in between services you are covered by our complete guarantee: we’ll come back out at any time for any pests that show up for no extra charge.


We then come back each quarter when the residual wears off and re-apply the barrier and perform the complete service again.


While providing the best service for your home, we also take your family’s well-being very seriously.
We only use high quality products that are:

  • Safe for you
  • Safe for your children
  • Safe for your pets
  • Odorless
  • Environmentally friendly

Please contact us today if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.