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Bugs and weeds are no simple task to take care of yourself. All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care uses the safest and most effective products on the market. Applied by a licensed professional, you can be sure that we will take care of your issue. With a full service guarantee you have nothing to lose. Not happy with the way your lawn is looking? Try our fertilizer with weed and feed program this season, you will be glad you did!

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Serving Provo to Salt Lake City including Holladay and all along the Wasatch Front.

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Lawn Care Utah

Lawn Care

Lawn Care Service | Provo, Utah   FERTILIZER & WEED CONTROL Are you hoping for a lush green and weed free lawn? Let All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care help you achieve your goals. Our lawn care service is a great value that is low in cost, but high in service and results. It is not always...

pest control

Pest Control

Pest Management What does your service include? Each service consists of:   3 X 3 Foot Barrier spray around your foundation that stops pests before they can get into your home Windows, doorways, and entryways treatment which seals off the most accessible parts of your home to pests Indoor crack...

Hired these guys off of a friends referral. I had ants really bad. All green has been coming out since the beginning of spring and now i don't have ants. I still see some spiders here and there but they come back out for free when I need them without ...
I'm so excited to get my lawn looking great this season. I started with All Green last month and my lawn looks a hundred times better than it has in many years past!
These people know what they are doing! They have taken such great care of us the past year. They always make sure we know exactly what they have done and why. They always let us know when they are coming and what we need to to do.


Soil-Safe Pest Control

Many people search for safe pest control methods to use in their yards, especially if they...

Natural and Organic Pest Control Products

Recently, more and more people have asked for information on organic or natural pest control. Below are some of the natural strategies available for home use.

Beneficial Insects

There are many so-called “good...

The Best Grass Varieties for a Green, Healthy Lawn this Summer

Soon, spring will give way to the joys of summer, and it’s time to think a little more carefully about your lawn. Most lawn care professionals will offer their unwavering opinion on which grass is the “right” grass...

Bare or Brown Spots in Your Lawn

You work hard to have a lush, green lawn and then, one day, disaster strikes! There’s a big, brown spot, right in the middle of your yard. Now what?

Don’t despair if a spot is bare… it’s easy once you know...

Preventive Pest Control Inside Your Home

Nobody wants to share their lives – or their homes — with pests. Taking a preventive approach to pest control can help you avoid insect and pest infestation as well as keep toxic chemicals to a minimum in and around...